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Puffed Rice

Puffed Rice

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The bread and butter for any South East Asian Snack. Also known as 'murmura' or 'muri'. Puffed rice has a nice airy crunch with every bite. Great for parties and on the go!

Ingredients: Rice and Salt


1 lb Bag of Puffed Rice

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Customer Reviews

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J. Howe
Updated: 2-14-2022

Updated review 2-14-2022:
After my original review I received an email from Bengal Foods letting me know they carried a product that was "unenriched" and offered to send out a replacement free of charge. The new product is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much and 10 stars for the awesome customer service!!

Original Review:
I'd like to give 5 stars but I purchased this because I have to stay away from "Enriched" products. Which is nearly every single brand of crisped/puffed rice out there. I was thinking this was just puffed rice but upon getting it in I read that it is 'enriched' with extra vitamins. *sigh* I couldn't read this on the website as the picture is too blurry and I should have asked the company before buying. However It would have been nice to be able to read what was in it before buying, as it didn't say in the description.
The product tastes like puffed rice so I have no issues with that, but transparency about ingredients would be nice.
Price wise it was very reasonable and customer service was great!